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We are completely closed Mondays,Tuesdays,Thursdays and Bank Holiday Weekends.                                  


Customer fb Review "Absolutely brilliant facility. Ange is welcoming to everyone and is so calm and relaxed that she inspires confidence in dogs and their owners (she is possibly tearing her hair out inside but never shows it). What really stands out is the importance placed on everyone getting what they want from the class, she goes out of her way to treat everyone as an individual and benefit from the time they are there." A.H

Cost: £60

6 Training Classes


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 dog training classes - JUNIOR AND BEGINNER

Growing our life skills

Our Juniors & Beginners classes are designed to grow our range and levels of life skills progressing beyond the foundations.

We`ll put special emphasis on maintaining good behaviour & addressing issues that may occur or have crept in during the adolescent phase. Which is remarkably similar to “human teenage"

  • Older puppies, adolescents, new forever homes, basic dog training
  • Carefully structured:  6 week programme 
  • Flexibly choose to have your own space or be closer to dogs and distractions as you progress
  • Welcome pack and support materials
  • Problem Solver Consultations available as an add on
  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
Class Time Options:

Saturday 12th January  At 10.45-11.40am  FULL
Saturday 2nd March At 10.45-11.40am  FULL
Saturday 11th May At 10.45-11.40am

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Cost: £60

6 Training Classes

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 Brain Games - Obedience & Rally - Body Awareness

Dog training classes suitable for those with basic training such as moving up from Juniors and Beginners.

Learn, have fun & enjoy a dog you’re happy to live with as part of your family and lifestyle.

  • 6 week join- any-time, includes one missed week concession
Core Skills for Obedience & Activities: 
  • Strengthening Attention & Responsiveness.
  • Progressing Life Skills & Working off lead.
  • Distance Cues & Control.
.Introduction to :
  • Brain Games & Problem Solving.
  • Rally - Fun "obedience style exercises"  course.
  • Body awareness & building confidence.

Classes take place On Saturdays  At 11:45AM

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COST: £50

(6 sessions with 8 weeks to use them )

Extra  dogs from the same family £30

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Relaxed and informal dog training sessions building recall and socialisation skills, gives dogs an opportunity for a good mid week exercise in a controlled environment.

  • Open to sociable dogs over 9 months old with a basic level of obedience
  • Outdoors emulating real life distractions 
  • Sociably connect with like-minded individuals
  • Were fully fenced and floodlit for your safety and security
  • Release from on lead and winters` after dark pavement pounding
  • Welcome pack and support materials
  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
Sessions take place on ~Wednesdays At 8pm 

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COST: £25

(Individual Class)

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 regular individual DOG Training classes 


 Individually bookable focused classes of around 2hrs to build desired behaviours and address common training problems.

Loose Lead Walking

  • Gaining & Holding Attention
  • Dealing with Pulling on the Lead
  • Heel walking
  • Casual walking - with me

Recall - Coming Back When Called 
  • Gaining & Holding Attention
  • Motivation
  • Recall 
  • Recall with Distractions 

Classes are scheduled regularly :~

Recall- Coming Back When Called - TBC
Loose Lead Walking - date TBC


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Cost: £20

(Individual Workshop)



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workshop Details



Individual Workshops on Sundays 3-5pm
2017 Dates  
 Jan 15th : Feb 19th : 
Apr 9th : May 14th : June 18th
July 16th :Aug 13th : Sep 10th
Oct 22nd : Nov 19th : Dec 10th


Contact Cris Brown to book


Tel: 07879422131

Rally is a  recognised sport  where you and your dog navigate a numbered course on or off lead depending on your level.

It’s regarded by a lot of people as a more fun and informal way to progress in obedience.

These workshops will progressively teach you the basics of some of the may exercises. 

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Cost:             £25  handler


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Course Details

Preparing for a TALKING DOGS RALLY trial WORKSHOPS WITH Morag Heirs
Next Date TBC

We are really pleased to welcome Morag from Well Connected Canine to run a workshop on preparing for a TD Rally trial including hints and tips from current competitors and judges, how to make the most of your walk-through, common errors in competition and when to make it a training round.
  • 6 handler places FULL 
  • 10 spectator places available (Spectators will still join in with exercises). 

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Talking Dogs Rally® Trial

Next Date TBC



As this is a mini trial entries are limited, so if you would like to enter don't leave it too long.  Don't forget you and your dog or dogs will need to be registered with TD Rally (Details at

The entry form for the trial is available to download at:

  •   Entries Closing 26th September                                                                
  • Doors Open 1.30pm
  • Start Times are:
  • Level 1A & 1B - 2.15pm 
  • (walk through at 2pm)
  • Veterans Level 1A & 1B - following Level 1A & 1B
  •  (walkthrough time to be confirmed once all entries received)
  • Puppy - following Veteran 1A & 1B
  •  (walk through time to be confirmed once all entries received)

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Course Life Skills And Levels

"Our courses are designed to progressively build real skills for a lifetime"

Relax, enjoy and have fun with a dog you’re happy to live with as part of your family and lifestyle

Our courses are aligned to the Kennel Club Good Citizen dog scheme.

Life Skills

  • Socialisation And Good Manners

  • Paying And Holding Attention
  • Vehicle Control
  • Positions: e.g. Sit - Stand - Down - Heel
  • Walking Nicely On And Off Lead
  • Coming When Called
  • Giving Up Items And Leave It
  • Wait And Stay

  • Control At Doors And Gates
  • Responsibilities And Care
  • Handling, Checks, Grooming
  • Go To Bed And Relaxed Isolation
  • Learning And Bonding With Play

Course Levels

  • As we progress through the courses we`ll build our range of life skills & skill levels with the duration, distance and distractions of everyday life.
  • Working at our own pace we`ll adapt each exercise giving the right level & type of challenge for progressive successful outcomes.
  • As we advance we`ll include handy skills, tricks, training games and fun challenges such as rally.
  • If you choose to continue and graduate "high school" there's even the opportunity to join our trained dogs group.

Best Practice Learning

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

It's simple; If you decide at the end of the 1st class of your 1st course, it's not for you, we`ll offer you a full refund.

We`ll get the best out of our puppies and dogs by building and practising positive, reward based techniques that work for us and their individual needs.

We value the diversity of customers’ skills and experience, ensuring everyone has the right amount and type of support for their needs including advance welcome packs and course support materials to set you up for success.