our Dog trainers and Dog behaviourists

At the heart of the Norbreck team you`ll find Steve and Ange Maher and our dogs who of course are all perfect! - perfectly normal displaying a broad range of personalities and dog behaviours.

We've built on our many years' experience in dog and people; training courses, workshops and events to transform Norbreck, our home and base since 2008, from a derelict farm into a very special and welcoming dog training and activities venue.

Were confident that together you`ll enjoy best practice learning for people and dogs in a safe customer focused environment.

As for relaxation. Well its dogs again whether its dog walking, dog obedience, hanging out, training games or their highlight of a swim. We simply enjoy and have fun with dogs we`re happy to live with as part of our family and lifestyle.

As time allows you're likely to find us succeeding at championship level dog show, judging or in a display team.

Offering you the best we also work with a wider team of talented experts passionate in their specialisations.

Core Team

Ange Maher

TAP. : m.dip L&D : m.prac L&D : dip.lf : dip.ld 

Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour (ADTB) Member : Approved Instructor : Registered Assessor of New Graduates

National Register of Dog Trainers and Behaviourists

Ange heads up our learning programme and is uniquely qualified and experienced across the triple disciplines of dog training & behaviour, people learning & development and business management.

With a reputation built over 25 years she's highly sought after, running training courses, workshops and events across mainland Europe for international audiences.

Alongside the group sessions Ange is passionate and patient in her private work, which includes a range of organisations, charities and individuals covering a broad range of invisible and physical disabilities working towards a greater enrichment and personal goals. 


Steve Maher

National Register of Dog Trainers and Behaviourists

Steve heads up our facilities development and management.

As a transformational craftsman, with a strong background in health & safety he pays attention to what's important to you with thoughtful and creative solutions to bring you an exceptional customer experience.

An experienced handler and trainer with a natural engaging personality and a real affinity for people & dogs he can often be found creating something exceptional.... under close canine supervision.

Offering You The Best: We're delighted to work with a wider team of specialists and experts such as:





"You're at the heart of everything we do
We pay attention to what's important to you with thoughtful and creative solutions"

Our Principles And Beliefs

  • We're inclusive and welcoming.
  • We believe in access for all.
  • We`ll get the best out of our puppies and dogs with force free science based methods that are positive and reward based.
  • Customers deserve best practice learning for people and dogs.
  • Every person & every dog has unique needs, skills and experience.
  • Training supports powerful lifelong relationships.